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Relocation Housing

Fulfilling Your Relocation Housing Needs

It can be difficult for someone to relocate, and even more difficult to relocate and have to do all the work, while trying to hold down your full time job. Dabney Furnished Apartments offers solutions to make your job effortless. With our fully furnished apartments, relocating has never been easier. Working with large and small corporations alike, we strive to make the transition as smooth as possible, allowing the people who are relocating to continue to be productive and so their families can settle into their new life a little bit easier.

Benefits Of Relocation Housing With Dabney Properties

When you choose Dabney Furnished Apartments for your relocating needs, you can expect:

  • A comfortable, convenient, vacation-like experience. At Dabney Properties, we strive to make every resident feel at home as soon as they walk through the door. Our upscale fully furnished apartments all come equipped with deluxe furnishings, high-speed internet, a complete housewares package, linens, TVs, DVD players, and access to shopping, dining, entertainment, and more. Transferees will feel more at home in our apartments, condos, and townhouses than they would at a hotel with all of the extra amenities that are included such as swimming pools, fitness centers, optional housekeeping services, and more.
  • Various choices for locations. Dabney Furnished Apartments understands that one location might work for one transferee, while a different location might be best for someone else. We offer the most locations for your relocating needs. The following areas have one or more properties to consider:
    • Arlington. A luxurious location with six different apartment buildings that are all conveniently near the Metro.
    • Charlottesville. The quaint scenery and comfortable living in Charlottesville will make relocating a lot easier for anyone.
    • Chesapeake. Dabney Furnished Apartments in Chesapeake is a gated community that offers ultimate safety and security for any transferees.
    • Fort Lee. Whether they prefer urban or rural living, anyone who is relocated to Fort Lee will enjoy the scenery and amenities in our fully furnished apartments.
    • Fort Meade. Our properties in Fort Meade offer transferees easy access to Baltimore and Washington DC.
    • Fredericksburg. What better place to be relocated to than a charming, historic district in Fredericksburg?
    • Hampton. Hampton offers many entertainment, dining, and shopping options and is just a short drive from the beach.
    • Newport News. Dabney Furnished Apartments in Newport News provides options for dining at upscale restaurants, visits to serene parks, and opportunities to enjoy the city life.
    • Norfolk. People who relocate to Norfolk will enjoy the prestigious and luxurious housing community provided by Dabney Properties.
    • Portsmouth. Another historic location, transferees will relish in the picturesque, charming, and fully furnished apartments we offer.
    • Richmond. In the heart of Virginia, being relocated to Richmond offers many opportunities to be close to museums, parks, galleries, the theater, music venues, and more things to do.
    • Virginia Beach. Dabney Furnished Apartments in Virginia Beach offer opportunities for residents to be near the oceanfront, or nearer to the city.
    • Washington DC. Transferees in Washington DC will enjoy the lifestyle of living in a city with so many possibilities.

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