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Insurance Housing

Top Quality Insurance Housing Options

You never plan on experiencing a disaster, but the truth is that they happen. Dabney Furnished Apartments is committed to helping out after a disaster by offering the most top quality insurance housing options. Whether you have a displaced policyholder, a catastrophe team that needs a crash pad, or simple solutions for an adjustor, our fully furnished apartments contain everything they need to feel at home while they are working to get their lives back in order. With our immediate, comfortable, and cost-effective housing solutions, nobody will be left out in the cold.

Displaced Policyholders

Any time one of your policyholders is out of a home because of a disaster, Dabney Furnished Apartments will find them a place to stay until the storm has cleared. Our local teams are suited to find the best apartments, townhomes, or condos that will fit the needs of your clients. Whether that means a property that is near a particular school, or one that is conveniently located to downtown, we have options to suit everyone’s needs. Working together with top insurance providers, we ensure that every resident is properly cared for and has a comfortable, safe place to stay until their home is repaired or rebuilt. The following are some of the benefits of putting your policyholders up with Dabney Furnished Apartments:

  • Our apartments are all fully furnished with beds, dining sets, couches, televisions, and more.
  • We provide housewares such as dishes, baking dishes, towels, bed sheets, rugs, vacuums, trash cans, and more.
  • Our apartments contain a washer and dryer.
  • All utilities are included.
  • We offer flexible lease terms and custom billing options.
  • Displaced policyholders can stay for as little as thirty days, extending throughout years.
  • Many of our properties are pet-friendly.
  • Many of our properties contain fitness centers, swimming pools, patios, grilling options, and other fun extras.
  • We have optional additions such as housekeeping services, extra beds, cable upgrades, additional TVs, and more.
  • With a large variety of locations, Dabney Furnished Apartments are near schools, businesses, shops, restaurants, and various entertainment venues.

Catastrophe Teams

Catastrophe teams are so important in the light of a disaster. Dabney Furnished Apartments fully furnished apartments provides immediate housing solutions for any catastrophe team. We understand that you want your teams in safe, comfortable locations where they can be as effective as possible, and we work hard to ensure that is what they get. With the same deluxe furnishings, entertainment options, additional options, and other amenities as displaced policyholders experience, your teams will be living in comfort as they work hard on their job site during their stay.


Dabney Furnished Apartments not only helps displaced policyholders and catastrophe teams, but strives to meet the needs of insurance adjustors as well. To achieve success, we have a knowledgeable staff that understands the insurance industry and we coordinate moving day and take care of maintenance so that the adjustors don’t have to. In addition, we are committed to creating customized invoices for your convenience and in responding to all of your needs any day, every day.

Getting Started

Whether you’ve got a displaced policyholder on your hands, a catastrophe team that is headed to Virginia to help, or are looking for help as an adjustor, contact Dabney Furnished Apartments for the most top quality fully furnished apartment options and for the most convenient services. Call us today at 804-716-9627.

Compare the cost of a Hotel Room Vs a Dabney Furnished Apartment