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Hotel Room vs. Furnished Apartment

Stay & Save
  Hotel Room Furnished Apartment
  Hotel floor plan Luxury furnished apartment floor plan

View two bedroom floor plan
Square Feet 300 sq feet 770 sq feet
Living Area Shared dining, living & sleeping area Separate dining, living & sleeping area
Contact Different staff daily and separate contact numbers for each of your different needs One point of contact for all your housing needs
Custom Billing Daily or weekly billings Weekly, monthly or full-term invoicing available. Individual and group billing also available.
  Hotel Room Furnished Apartment Total Savings
Rates $90 per day
x 30 (days per month)
$89 per day
x 30 (days per month)
Room Tax 13%
no taxes
Kitchen & Dining No kitchen or optional kitchenette.
Outside dining costs average $50 a day per person.

$50 (daily food expense)
x 30 (days per month)
Full sized kitchen with appliances and cookware. Allows residents to save by buying groceries and dining in. Plus, it's healthier.

$60 (weekly grocery expense)
x 4 (weeks per month)
Washer & Dryer Coin wash and dry ($50 per month)
Dry clean only ($150-$250 per month)
Full sized washer and dryer
in suites
Total Expenses $4,801 $2,910 $1,891
(Savings of 39%)

As you can see from the data above, choosing Dabney Furnished Apartments for your extended stay needs in Richmond, Fort Lee, Petersburg, Charlottesville, Fredericksubrg, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach and Washington DC is good for your wallet and your expense account.

Look a little closer and you will see that Dabney Furnished Apartments extended stay housing offers more than just a financial savings. With full-size appliances, you save on restaurants and laundry, which is good financially but also good for your health and peace of mind. With a homey atmosphere, you’ll be able to buy healthy food from local markets, do your own laundry, and relax in a full-size living room.

If you have extended stay needs, Dabney Furnished Apartments is your choice for a home away from home. Click for Additional Article Tips

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